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Magic Caulk Tape
Magic Caulk Tape
Magic Caulk Tape
Magic Caulk Tape
Magic Caulk Tape
Magic Caulk Tape
Magic Caulk Tape

Magic Caulk Tape

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Perfectly Seals The Edges For The Kitchen & Bathroom!

Having a tough time caulking? Magic Caulk Tape allows you to easily create seals professionally!

Magic Caulk Tape creates a perfect seal that’s waterproof, mold-proof and oil proof with professional results that seamlessly blend into your home. You’re allowed to clean easily and prevent stains. This easy-to-use tool is self-adhesive that can apply to any surface. It can also be folded into 90° to seal the seams between walls. It's widely applicable, from your stovetop to the toilet.


  • Seamless Seal:
    Seal the edges perfectly and make them waterproof, mold-proof and oil proof.
  • 90°:
    Can be folded to 90° to tightly seal the seams between the walls.

  • Easy-To-Clean:
    Smooth surface, reduce stains attached.
  • No Trace:
    No residual glue. No damage to the surface.

  • Strong Self-Adhesive:
    Backed by a powerful self-adhesiveness for any surface.
  • Easy to Use:
    Just peel off the cover film and stick it on.

  • Widely Applicable:
    Seal off seams on your stove, sink, bathtub, toilet and more.


  • Color: White, Brown, Grey, Beige, Blue, Pink, Green

  • Width: 3.8 cm, 2.2 cm
  • Length: 3.2m


  • 1X Magic Caulk Tape